Transordizia High & Heavy's quality and environmental policy aims to obtain full customer satisfaction via compliance to the contracted services, along with the maximum prevention of environmental contamination in all its activities.

The main principles on which the Group´s philosophy is based are:

  • Attention to each client´s unique needs, providing the individual solutions most suited to each case.
  • Strict compliance to the pick-up and delivery dates.
  • Care and supervision of the merchandise in all phases of the transport (loading, unloading, transit), minimizing any damage from circulation or handling.
  • Continuous updated information on the traceability of the merchandise and complete customer service.
  • Application of the continuous improvement principle in key environmental aspects in which the Company has influence.

This business strategy allows us to increase our market position daily via a clear mark of distinction from the competition.

This Organisation's Management is fully committed and convinced that these principles can only be obtained via:

  • Continuous contact with the clients to detect the needs as base for the continuous improvement of our services.
  • The use of modern vehicles, of maximum efficiency, always suited to the transport characteristics, with the latest technological innovations.
  • Proper preventative and corrective maintenance of the fleet.
  • Constant attention to increase customer satisfaction and improvement of the environment.
  • Complete fulfillment of the national and international legislation in transport and the environment.
  • Continuous training of the personal.

This policy is understood and assumed by all members of the Organization, with its management considered as the first to lead and assure the compliance to these guidelines, providing the necessary resources.

Transordizia High & Heavy, will evaluate contractors and providers based on the magnitude of the non-conformities they may cause in providing services and the response and solution they take in regards to the matter.