TRANSORDIZIA High and Heavy transports, transports industrial vehicles for international distribution throughout Europe for the main manufactures (Man, Iveco, Scania, Volvo Turcks, Renault and Mercedes-Benz).

It distributed 25,000 units in 2020, with more than 15 million kilometres driven.

Both the tractors and vehicle transporters that make up our fleet have the latest technological innovations and are constantly undergoing processes of modernisation and updating.

The TRANSORDIZIA High and Heavy fleet, with FMS and Rolfo's tow trucks, complies with the latest and most demanding technical requirements, in accordance with the highest quality standards in international transport.

Safety in loading processes, using the right equipment and our commitment to road safety are qualities intrinsic to the company that make it an industry leader.

The group is taking on the challenge in the High & Heavy market and gets technical support from the load and security team at TÜV-SÜD Auto Service GmbH.

As a partner in the load fastening security process, the specialists at TÜV-SÜD guarantee optimizing load security techniques and technical know-how with skilled consultation and continuous partnership.

We provide logistics inventory stocking services in our several consolidation centres in Spain (Irún) and Germany (Fritz-Rinderspacher-Straße 17 Lahr).